stone valley at midnight (2014) — play now

This was my last complete twine until 2017 (and the only one I published while taking testosterone). It has a lot in common with Pure Again, which is also about soft-scifi transformations and the mental torture of having a body.

I don't really care whether any of my twines count as games, but this one is definitely not a game.

As with all my twines, the music currently doesn't work, but 'Violent Dreams' (Sidewalks and Skeletons remix) by Crystal Castles originally played over the credits. Another inspiration was 'I Made a Promise to The Moon' by Jason Webley.

The links in the credits may be outdated. I published Stone Valley At Midnight under the name Kevin McGowan because I was trans at the time. I reverted to my birth name in 2015.

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