the invader

the invader (2017) — play now

Like Compass, this one was abandoned back in 2013, and picked up again in 2017 when I remembered how much fun twine is. It's the closest I've come to making an actual game, but it's more like a maze with aliens.

The Invader is set on the marine lake in West Kirby, my hometown (see below). It's a faithful recreation of walking there at night and listening to 'Black Rose Green Sun' from the Homestuck soundtrack, which I strongly recommend you put on in the background for an optimal reading experience.

Another important influence was 'The Sea Raiders,' a short story by H. G. Wells which you can read here. The Invader owes a lot (including its title) to my slight misrememberings of this fine piece of pseudo-journalism.

west kirby marine lake

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